American Tri Five Association Article

The American Tri Five Association came to our CruiseIn this Summer and ran a feature on our show in their magazine. Below are some of the many pictures they took.
You all recognize Bud’s Nomad. Also in the picture are Karl Klep’s ’57 Nomad and Keith ONiell’s ’55 Nomad.
Sorry about the resolution on most of these pics, but they are what was forwarded to us.
Bud’s Nomad
Al Hewitt’s Black Widow ’57 Fuelie.
Dave Aamodt’s sweet ’55 Handyman
Karl Klep’s ’57 Nomad
Keith ONiell’s ’55 Nomad
Rick Melvin’s car was also featured, but we were unable to recover any pictures.
Our many thanks to American TriFive Magazine for attending our show and the coverage in their magazine,