Christmas 2014

Bud Worley, Jerry & Gina Darcy, Larry & Alice Cleeton, Bob Jennings, Steve Bender, David White and Bill Baum deliver presents to the Triple XXX for the annual Toys for Tots gift giving at sponsored by Jose at the Triple XXX.


Here are Bud and Mark toting in goodies for the kids.

20141207_112331_NE Gilman Blvd_resized

Here is mark helping more goodies in the door.

20141207_112217_NE Gilman Blvd_resized

Parking lot shot, w/Tri5s in the background.

20141207_105130_NE Gilman Blvd_resized

Bud with goodies. I do not know how he saw out the windshield.

20141207_104904_NE Gilman Blvd_resized

Another shot of the festivities.

20141207_104819_NE Gilman Blvd_resized

Lance Lambert of the Vintage Vehicle Shows receives a miniature version of the Studebaker Avanti from Bob Jennings.  The car has passed through several owners hands and was once owned by Bob Jennings, so he dug out the miniature model as a souvenir for Lance.

20141207_093628_NW Gilman Blvd_resized


Another successful Toy Run for underprivileged kids. Looks like a good time was had by all.