Dave Holzerland brings Indians back to life

These pictures are from a recent Thursday Night Garage Crawl.

Prior to 1931  Ace motorcycles were being built and sold in the U.S. Ace succumbed to the Great Depression. Indian bought ACE after bankruptcy during the depression.

20141218_162232_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized

Dave Holzerland had a soft spot for Indians, and decided to re-manufacture them using modern techniques and things like real bearings instead of babbit. These are brand new castings that he’s doing for a series of engines. Apparently they had a weak bottom  end so they are re-manufactured using today’s technology and bearings. Pretty impressive stuff.

20141218_182428_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized

He is now in the process of building brand new flat tank Indians.

20141218_161037_White Mountain Rd SE_resized 20141218_160938_resized

Some of Dave’s other toys…

20141218_164836_resized 20141218_164431_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized 20141218_163926_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized 20141218_163824_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized 20141218_163405_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized 20141218_162748_Pinnacle Rd SE_resized 20141218_161053_White Mountain Rd SE_resized