McCleary Bear Festival

The annual McCleary Bear festival was held last weekend. Club member Dave Dally was there with his ’55. It was chosen by the Bear Queen as best of show. Check out her outfit!


You gotta love WA, Did you notice her cowboy boots? You go girl!


This ultra nice ’56 PU was discovered in a field by a young man who was building a tribute truck for his Dad. Turns out it was the actual truck his Dad owned as a kid and had related so many stories to his Son. After 7 years of labor and love, the Son gave it to his Dad when he was done.


A very nice ’48 COE out of Olympia.


Another nice ’57 out of Bremerton. I bet Bud knows the owner.


When was the last time you saw a chopped ’48 Chrysler 4 door sedan. This one was really neat complete with a sun-roof. Otherwise appeared to be a stock exterior, no idea what was under the hood.