Ed Leitis’ project ’56

Join me in welcoming Ed and Linda Leitis as new members. Jim has had a long and storied relationship with his ’56. In his own words:

“I have been around this car and worked on it since 1978 when my best friend bought it in Sacramento CA, while we were in high school. My dad was a mechanic and had a shop, which I worked in through high school and helped my buddy keep it running until I moved in 1980. He wrecked the car in 1981 and parked it in his parents garage until 1991 when I bought it and got it running again. Had to get fenders, hood, engine and tranny back in it. That’s when I had it sandblasted and primered. Had it running until I tore up the rear end in 1993 and it sat parked in my garage until I had the money and time to start working to get it back on the road. To date I have the engine rebuilt, rear end rebuilt, frame stripped painted, new parts for disc brakes, new parts for the front end, new power steering and new steering column to replace original, new wiring harness and bunch of miscellaneous items for when it gets assembled. Not far off from getting a rolling chassis, which will be a long time coming.  Its been a slow go and hoping to get re-energized and joined the club to meet others with the same interests and hopefully learn from others and share my experiences.”

Here is a before pic of the ’56 from back in the day:


Here are some “in process” photos.


ready-to-apply-paint stripping-frame



As most of us know, this is a huge project and definitely one worth pursuing, especially with such a rare model. I am sure Ed will be warmly welcomed by the NWCCC Members as he brings this baby back to life.