Good Guys 2022

Thursday afternoon Dave and Bev Eastman hosted the second Oaktree/ Shadywood kick-off car show extravaganza at their beautiful home in Lakewood. There was wonderful entertainment up front and center and even a bigger turnout of beautiful cars this year.   Several cars from the NWCCC and even a few we’ve never seen before. Well organized and very relaxing in the shade of the giant trees of the neighborhood. Again, a great way to start the big Goodguys weekend.

Thank you so much Dave and Bev……

Here are a bunch of pics of Club Cars.

Another look at Steve Simons beautiful installation of an LS in his Nomad; Rose.
Rose attracts all kind of lookers!
Steve Aungst takes home another trophy. Where does he keep them all?

Burnout champion… Blown ’38 Chevy, really loud!

A well patine’d 55 Wagon…. Restomod???

Steve Aungst gets busted over Rose!

Was it DUI, or possession of contraband????

Some pictures of the Drags at SIR in conjunction with Good Guys show supplied by Les Squires.

Thanks to all who have contributed.