Stored since 1977, Vic’s ’57 sees the light of day

 I just love “barn finds” and have been enjoying them since my teens. Here is a wonderful example. They are still out there…

The car was built in Oakland, originally sold by Ellis Brooks Chevrolet in San Francisco, and garaged in Concord, California from 1977 to November 2016. Here she sees the light of day for the first time in 40 years. Pretty darned good shape after all that time.

Style #57 1037D Sport Coupe; Body #09243; Trim #670 23; Paint 807 D; Vin# VC 570 161967; V= V-8; C = Bel Air; 57 = Year; O= Oakland assembly plant; production date June 1957.

Vic reports compression ratio from 45-185 lbs: needs work. Steering box frozen, no brakes. It is going to be a lot of fun breathing life back into this baby,

Join us in welcoming Vic Heller to the NWCCC.